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Artist involvement in 14/48 Hollywood is a volunteer-based invitations process only. To help foster an environment of community instead of competition, we do not hold auditions. Invitations come from the Invitations Committee, a group of local artists and 14/48 Veterans. Make sure to check out our Artist FAQ below before you submit!​

Artist FAQ


Q: As a writer, what would I be doing exactly?
Based on a randomly drawn theme, you'd be writing two ten minute (OR LESS) plays. One to be performed on Friday night, and one on Saturday night.

Q: Which nights would I be writing?
A: You would be writing Thursday night and Friday night.

Q: How long are the plays?
A: Ten minutes or less! About six pages in total and we'll supply the template.

Q: Will I know who is in my play when I'm writing it?
A: Sorta! You will know where in the order of the night your play will fall and you will know how many actors are in it. As you won’t know precise casting, we encourage the writers to create roles appropriate for everyone and anyone!

Q: Can I use a play I've been working on?
A: We ask that all our writers create a completely original play each night based on whatever theme we randomly pull.


Q: As a director, what would I be doing?
A: As a director, you will get to shape a huge piece of the entire show. You will pull which play you are directing at random and then pull your cast at random from our Actor Roster!

Q: How much say do I have in the designs?
A: The directors get a brief amount of time to tell both the design team and the band what they require for their show, knowing full well these groups have 7 shows to work on! Simplify and stay loose!

Q: How much time do I have to tech my show?
A: Directors will get to dry-tech their shows with the Stage Management team and then have just twenty minutes to add those elements on stage! The more you prep before your tech time, the more you will get out of it!

Q: I'm a writer and a director, can I just write my own show?
A: The goal of the festival is to facilitate creative collaboration. The randomness is part of that fun. Artists can only do one medium per festival, but you can always submit for another category in future festivals!


Q: As an actor, what would I be doing exactly?
A: As a member of our Actor Roster for the festival, your name will be randomly drawn by our directors to perform in whatever script they themselves have randomly drawn. There's no way to know who exactly you'll be working with or what you'll be playing. Stay loose!

Q: How skilled at memorizing should I be?
A: Highly skilled! You receive your scripts at 10:00am and perform in front of a live audience at 8:00pm!

Q: What is the time commitment?
A: Block out ALL DAY Friday & Saturday.

Q: Is there time to run home, let out my dog, go to an audition or do some work?
A: No. If you commit to acting in the festival, your attention, mind and body is required to be on our campus at all times.

Q: Can I offer industry comps to my agents?
All artists involved will receive ONE COMP for the whole weekend. You may use it however you please.


Q: As a musician, what would I be doing exactly?
A: All musicians will come together to form "The 14/48 Band." All music and sound for all 14 plays come from the band!

Q: Do we get to create any original songs?
A: Yes! We love to open the show with an original song based on that night's theme!​

Q: Would I get a moment to shine or get lost in a crowd?
A: We encourage our bands to find time to give every musician a solo or a moment to shine! The band will be on stage the whole time.

Q: I don't read music, how extensive is this?
A: We discourage writers from writing musicals, so not reading music shouldn't be a problem. Just come with your instrument ready to create and collaborate!


Q: I'm a designer, what would I be doing exactly?
A: Imagine the process of set, prop and costume designing and creation for 14 plays truncated into only a few hours! 

Q: What will I be designing?
A: It depends on what the writers write and what the directors require, but any costumes, sets or props!

Q: How do costumes work?
A: We will ask all the actors to bring a wide collection of their own clothing to assist, but some may need to be borrowed, bought or built.

Q: How much set will each show require?
A: Because we want transitions to go smoothly, the simpler the better. 

Q: Is there a design budget?
A: Yes of course! A budget is set for each day and the festival will cover any expenses

Q: Do I need to have previous experience as a designer? 

A: Not necessarily, if you have a fondness for painting, crafting, cosplay, using your creative ingenuity to create something out of nothing etc. This may be the right place for you.  

Support Volunteers

Q: What would I be doing as a volunteer at the festival?
A: What wouldn't you be doing? We can always use boots on the ground: Stage crew, ushers, crafty, or runners are always needed for a successful festival!

Q: Does volunteering mean I can participate as an artist later?
A: We make no promises, but we will definitely strongly consider inviting folks who have volunteered!

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer?
Just reach out! Shoot us an email at:

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