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The World's Quickest Theatre Festival


14 plays written, cast, directed, rehearsed, scored, designed, & premiered in 48 hours.

Get Involved with 14/48

14/48 Hollywood cultivates a supportive community for radical artistic collaboration, forging new connections between artists and audiences. Artist involvement in 14/48 Hollywood is volunteer-based and by invitation. To help foster an environment of community instead of competition, we do not hold auditions. Invitations are sourced from submissions and extended by our Invitations Committee, a group of local artists and 14/48 Veterans. Make sure to check out our Artist FAQ below before you submit!


Support 14/48

By donating to 14/48 Hollywood, you are supporting accessible theatre. Your donation will go towards our performance venue, marketing, costumes, sets, props and most importantly, our mission to keep theater accessible. Tickets to our events are by donation because we firmly believe in making theater more accessible regardless of income.

Partner Festivals

14/48 began in Seattle in 1997. They’ve graced many venues over the years, from Seattle Rep to On the Boards to CHAC to ConWorks and the list goes on, but they perform at ACT Theater every January. 


Connect with us

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